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We offer flexible design services for projects big and small. Every project is unique and personalized to your needs. It all starts with a complimentary hello phone call to see what service is a best fit for you.


Design Consultation

This is for those who would like to explore hiring us for a full design project. This service begins with a phone call and a questionnaire, then a 2-hour home visit in which I will walk with you through your home and discuss your goals and a strategy for your space. Afterward, you will receive a typed brief – complete with a summary of my recommendations and budget expectations.

Investment: $400


Full Service Interior Design

Full-service interior design means that in addition to working with you to create a complete design concept, we will manage every detail of procurement, inspection, project management, and installation. In other words, you won’t have to lift a finger. This is for those who would like help reimagining one or multiple rooms in their home. Get started by reaching out for a complimentary hello phone call and booking a design consultation.

Investment: based on scope of work.
Generally $10,000 to $200,000 (total project cost)

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Conceptual Design

We can also work just on the conceptual designs for your project.  Conceptual designs help you visualize your ideas utilizing design technologies to enable you to see 3-D color renderings of your project.  Based on your goals and input, we consider the location, size and architecture of your home and how it relates to your needs and the way you want to live in the space.  We create a plan and a layout that insures the space we are designing fits your home and your goals, and allows you to visually inspect how it will all come together.

This will give you both clarity and comfort knowing what your project will look like in great detail, and allows you to make any changes before the project begins, saving you enormous amounts of time and money.  You can then take this conceptual design to your contractor to ensure that he or she completely understands where you want to end up.  If you decide to, we can also help you to fully realize these designs by implementing our full-service design program. 

Investment: based on scope of work (number and size of rooms, etc.)
Design fee generally between $1,000-$5,000 per room.